Hi! I am Chip Meneley - Welcome to Confluence Coaching!

People have a depth and richness of experience in the lives they lead and the choices they have made. Many people joke that they had several lives. Father, Son, Banker, Executive, Chief Bottle Washer, Class Clown, Solider…

What if you could bring all those lives together; the resonance, the joy, the pain, the grief, the humility, the discord…all of it…into a new and intentional life? A life that is a confluence of the past that made you who you are flowing into the future of who you want to be? Combining to create a life that is full, profound and thunderouss. What if you achieved your wildest dreams and then redefined “wild” and realized those? What if you’re relationships had the depth, vibrancy and trust you have been craving?

How would it feel to bring the genuine you to the table, warts and all with an unwavering fierceness? In other words: be unquestionably vulnerable and brilliantly whole.

I have a natural ability to create a safe, fun, exuberant, courageous and irreverent place where we can work together to explore, rage, laugh, contemplate, choose, rearrange and celebrate. A place where no one gets to be wrong and epiphany, intuition and challenge are the currency. Settling, holding back and rationalization are simply not options, they can’t grow here. Life is a Trip…Set Your Own Course.

Why Coach with Me?

I am a Certifed Co-Active Coach and trained with the Coaches Training Institute. My clients tell me they chose to coach with me because I am compassionate and gentle while at the same time I tell the hard truths, ask insightful questions and fiercely refuse to let them settle for less than what they want. I have also been told that I have a gift for creating a "safe place" for growth and change. I take that as a great compliment and hold that trust as sacred.

“Chip is a remarkable coach. His intuition is amazing as is his never ending curiosity, and he is always the coach I need him to be. He's also a lot of fun which keeps the learning alive.”-Melissa

“Chip is an amazing coach. He is able to make his clients feel safe while at the same time challenging them to be all they can be. I have had the opportunity to be coached by Chip on many occasions and each time felt I made progress toward living my most fulfilling life.”-Ailsa

“Chip is an excellent coach that really inspires me. He holds that I am a great person, coach, father and husband. When I am coached by Chip, I never want to be anything less"-Danny

Coaching with me is not for the faint hearted. Email me for a free session and find out if Coaching is right for you.

What is Co-Active Coaching?

There are as many types of Coaching as there are micro-brews. Each one has a different quality and, character. (If you choose to work with a Coach, make sure they are Certified with the International Coaches Federation). I chose to train with the Coaches Training Institute and become certified in Co-Active Coaching. There are several things that rang true for me about Co-Active Coaching, but in a nutshell it is the cornerstone that everyone is naturally creative, resourceful and whole that resonated. This means no one is broken or needs fixing. Co-Active Coaches are not consultants, mentors or experts that will give you a magic to-do list. Instead Co-Active Coaches are equals with their clients and are trained in a methodology that helps the client come up with their own answers. Change that comes from self-reflection and epiphany is life altering.

If you're interested in learning more about Co-Active Coaching, send me an Email and we can discuss it greater detail and you can experience it first hand with a free session.